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Oregon's Boulder Pinot Noir

The vineyards in volcanic soils in Oregon are truly strewn with basalt boulders. This became a theme for winemaker Mike Hallock. Thus a second label was born. The artwork, done by artist James Dowlen, plays off of the broken plows of yore. The large boulder remains at the top of Carabella Vineyard.

Boulders forming = Great Vineyard Soil

Although basalt is columnar, when it erodes over thousands of years via winter rains trickling through the soil, the rocks' angles change into curves, so boulders form. The soil has exceptional structure, thus it soaks up Oregon's winter rains. And the vines can live through the summer without irrigation.

Volcanic Soul

What are the qualities? Plush, vibrant, red-fruit driven, a touch of cocoa.  Try it yourself!